HNET Newsletter Nov 20, 2015

By | November 20, 2015


Changes of season bring many new rituals and past times. One of the favorite past times of the Hanson Family is a bit of time by the open hearth around the holidays. This week’s pic is a rugged snap of stacked cut wood ready for a fireplace. As Thanksgiving week arrives here in the US along with cooler winter weather, we hope you get to gather around a hearth of your own.


Everyone is settling in and going down the checklist as things transition from tour mode back to something more “normal”.  The RNR tour was an amazing success, but now that it is complete it is time to look to the future and what we will be up to in 2016 and beyond. Earlier this week, we announced we will be hosting a stream in celebration of the Christmas season, “HANSON’s Finally It’s Christmas 2015”. We are going to be playing music and talking about the holidays, as well as sharing a few big announcements for 2016.  Here is the kicker, we are moving Christmas…or I should say we are moving the Christmas stream to December 18that 6pm CT.  You can tune in on the streaming page of  We hope many of you will join us.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


HANSON’s Finally It’s Christmas 2015 Special has moved to Friday, December 18th beginning at 6pm CT.  We hope you will tune in for some Christmas music and videos to get us all in the holiday spirit!

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