More Hanson Music Is ‘Definitely’ Coming

By | November 11, 2015

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Well, they did kinda promise us they’d keep be our pop besties for the restie.

Remember: “When you get old and start losing your hair — can you tell me who will still care?” Hanson, that’s who.

Zac, Taylor and Isaac are still going strong after their 10-city Roots & Rock ’N’ Roll Tour of brotherly love, and their first order of business now that they’re back on solid ground is to start tinkering away on some new jams.

ET Online spoke to the trio about their plans for a new album, and Zac said that we should start expecting their seventh album and other fun things from them because they intend to deliver.

Zac said they’re “always, absolutely … all the time” making new music together, and a record is “definitely” forthcoming. “But we’re in a phase where we just want people to expect that there’s more coming,” he added. “Whether it’s a special tour that has an EP — we do a destination concert where people travel to Jamaica and spend a week with us there. It might be downloading a song off of our beer.”

(Yes, Hanson has a beer brand, and it’s appropriately titled Mmmhops.)

“So, there will be music no matter what,” added Zac.

Hanson’s last album, Anthem, was released in 2013, and since the discography was a consistent three year gap between each record (before that, Shout It Out dropped in 2010, after 2007’s The Walk, and in 2004 they had Underneath and so on), so by that logic, it’s Timmmebop in 2016.

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