10 Hit Songs From the ’90s and ’00s You’re Already Glad You Forgot

By | October 15, 2015

Fox News Magazine

Nine years ago on October 14, Apple’s iTunes Music Store officially announced they had sold 150 million songs. However, we’d be willing to bet a lot of those songs were purchased on a whim, and then quickly deleted when consumers realized they never needed to hear them again.

We think it’s only right to honor this momentous aniversary with a list of 10 songs you might actually be glad you forgot. So read up, listen up, and prepare for nostalgia to kick in:

Hanson – ‘MMMBop’

Like everyone else in America, your ears were ringing with the high-pitched voices of the Hanson brothers in 1996. With a combination of lyrics that made sense (“Hold on to the ones who really care; in the end they’ll be the only ones there”) and many that didn’t (“Mmmbop ba duba dop ba du bop”), this chart-topper was maybe a little too confusing to keep on your playlist.