Fan of the Month – October – Helene

By | October 1, 2015

imageName: Helene
Location: France

What is the very first memory of Hanson that you have?
My very first memory with Hanson was seeing a music TV show with my sisters and now… First notes, first word and first time I saw them. I turned into a fan immediately.

What is your favorite Hanson song and why?
Don’t Hide Your Tears, it is counting my nowaday life, hiding tears and pains

Why do you like/love Hanson?
I love their songs! And, please, they are soooo cute! ^^

How long have you been a Hanson fan?
I’ve been a fan since 1998, with a big break, and turned back into a fan around 2005.

Why should you be Fan of the Month?
I should be the fan of the month because every one of us could be for a month 🙂