18 Boy Band Heartthrobs Who Are Now Dads!

By | September 16, 2015

the Stir

It seems like yesterday we screamed our eternal love for Justin, Jordan and the Joeys (Fatone and McIntyre), plastered our bedroom walls with boy band posters, and argued with our BFFs over which band was the best

Isaac Hanson

The oldest of the Tulsa, Oklahoma, brothers, Isaac was just 15 when their MMMBop and its duwop chorus propelled the band to overnight fame in 1996. It was practically love at first sight when the guitarist and vocalist, now 34, spotted Nikki Dufresne sitting in the first few rows at a concert in 2003. The couple now has three children: Clark Everett, 8, James Monroe, 6, and Nina Odette, 1