August 28 livestream recap

By | August 28, 2015

In case you missed it, tonight’s live stream will be streaming all weekend on until 9am CT Monday morning!

Here are the highlights…

They are going to play a song they didn’t pen and a song that Zac had to look up the lyrics to that they did write. He’s not sure if he should be proud or ashamed.
Roots & Rock N Roll EP is the new EP
The new EP was recorded under water – it’s a mystery.

Video of Making the EP
The Darkness “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” – Zac lead
Bee Gees “Too Much Heaven”

Performance – Dancing in the Streets

When playing the drums you can’t dance in the street.
The last time they did the song was on the SIO tour.

The new EP is featuring cover songs – songs not by Hanson
Songs that will make it to the shows or have made it to shows before and capture record quality performances
Share their influences and stretch their musical muscles
EP will be available right now for pre-order
Available physically this fall at the shows
Some old school R&B “roots”
I Want To Take You Higher – Sly and the Family Stone
Hold On I’m Coming – Sam & Dave
Finally decided to do Michael Jackson
The bar is high, it’s a big deal to do a MJ song
The Darkness record has some of the best guitar tones
Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud
Making of videos give you a rough idea of what will be on the EP

Story about Remember the Time making of.

Performance of Got a Hold On Me

Shows are getting close to selling out
Talk about the Vine poll for after the stream

Is there a cover song that you find challenging to perform?
I want you to want me – 1 or 2 moments – layers of guitar parts
Best performance was when Rick and Bun E Carlos joined them in Chicago
The ones they dont choose to do are challenging – billy joel

What is your favorite cover song you have done?
Right now – Zac – MJ
Extra breakdown on single version that they came across
His rhythmic tendencies, importance of pocket,in the DNA of their songwriting
Other favorite song is In A Little While by U2
Higher is one of Isaac’s favorites now (I Want To Take You Higher)
He only likes it because of the boom lacka lacka part (according to Zac)

How did you narrow down the song choice?
Origin of the EP – started as a hey we have cover songs we play we could record a bunch really well and it would be fun
A lot of songs were considered
There are songs you do and there are songs that have influenced you
The Darkness is not iconic but its a great song from a great record and represents epic rock riffs
The man from Milwaukee of the EP
Between Queen and glam rock but a little ACDC quality
A new chant that came from the EP. They would like to have their own – SAUCE! SAUCE!

Is the R&R Album available on tour?
The original intent was to have it ONLY on tour but knew there were a lot of fans who didn’t live near the city on the tour or out of the US so they wanted to make it available
If you preorder you should get it right when the tour is starting – you can jam on it on the way to the shows!

Any special instruments coming along for the covers show?
Glockenspiel, Glockenspork, a very large fork that resonates like a tuning fork
At the moment no special instruments – unless you count bag pipes
There will probably be some sort of electronic keyed instrument
Tuba solo

Zac are you done with your bluebird project?
Stop motion animated project and he hasnt finished it because they were working on the EP.
cel based animation and claymation. He wrote a song for it but hasnt finished the video yet
Its super fun and takes so long to do. 1400 frames is only a couple of minutes
Zac and the inanimate objects
Zac is an inanimate object.

Before the 2nd show in each city they will be doing a walk
Video – making the megaphone
Take the Walk Takes Root

Performance of Lucy

Zac scared Taylor’s inner child
What if they gave themselves a new name and played all Hanson covers

Only going to 10 key cities on this tour
One of their favorite places – an extra – Forbes 30 under 30 in Philly
Unofficial first show of the fall
A really cool gathering, a lot of love to Philly
Get to play because Zac is still under 30.
They’ve done a lot of things before they were 30, so when they are 50 they can still play it

Next month – September 25th at 6pm CT.

Homework :  Vote for the vine
(they would love to sing Dangerous)

Taylor wonders if human muzzles exist.


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  1. Cristina Arantes

    Awesome recap! It must take such a skill to do that! The first question was mine… it was funny how Zac could not pronounce my name…lol


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