Roots & Rock ‘N’ Roll Tour Setlist / Ticket sign up!

By | July 1, 2015

It’s that time again – we are looking for people to sign up to keep track of the setlists for the upcoming tour shows as well as submit images of their tickets for the site.  Any tickets submitted before the shows will not be posted until after the show and we will edit out any personal information (ie. names) that are printed on the tickets.

If you are interested in keeping track of the setlist, let us know. We have a few ways you can do it:

-Let us know your twitter name and tweet the setlist (or tweet it “@hansonstage” so we won’t miss it) Feel free to tweet every few songs or song by song or catch us up at the end of the show with everything at once.

-Text us the setlist to (908) 2-HANSON / (908)-242-6766 once again text every song, every few songs or catch us up at the end of the show

-Email the setlist to – as with the other options email everything at the end or as the show is going on

-Through our form
Basically we don’t care how we get it just as long as we get it 🙂 We would prefer a heads up on how you’ll be sending it and how often if possible just so we know what to be on the look out for!
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As usual, we’ll be looking for 3-5 people per show that we will not be attending in the event that phones die, certain phones don’t have service, etc.

Show tickets photos/scans/screen caps can be emailed to  or through our form

(Click the post title to see the full sign up list)

Night 1 Night 2 hard ticket e-ticket
Philadelphia  NA
Chicago  luckydeathstar1  luckydeathstar1  received
Toronto  mendingbabylon  mendingbabylon  received
Cleveland  mendingbabylon  mendingbabylon  received
New York City hansonstage hansonstage received
Atlanta      received  
New Orleans hansonstage hansonstage  received
Dallas hansonstage hansonstage received
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Phoenix  NA