Fan of the Month – July – Missy

By | July 1, 2015

1418857075043Name: Missy B
Location: Wisconsin

What is the very first memory of Hanson that you have?
During the This Time Around album, Hanson promo toured to Bay Beach in Green Bay, Wisconsin and I saw them do a few songs and afterwards we went by their tour bus and kinda chased it. LOL Let’s say I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and I smacked myself into the back of the bus. I was immature at that time but wouldn’t do that now! lol

How many times have you seen Hanson in concert?
Lost count 😉

What is your favorite Hanson song and why?
Surely As The Sun from the 3 Car Garage album. Isaac has a very manly voice and soulful too.

Why do you like/love Hanson?
They have great music and they go the extra mile for fun events like MOE for their fans. I don’t think other bands do this like our guys do.

How long have you been a Hanson fan?
Half my life 😉

Why should you be FAN OF THE MONTH?
I’ve been a very dedicated fan for years and I drink their MMMHops beer as well and I like Isaac Hanson the best.  (Taylor and Zac are awesome too)