HNET Newsletter June 5, 2015

By | June 5, 2015


Isaac, Taylor and Zac Inside the box photo from the HANSON Day 2015 Gallery


This week we are sharing some new music that was created during HANSON Day Weekend and preparing to announce a fall tour.  If you joined us in Tulsa for HANSON Day, chances are you also attended the lectures.  Each talk was all its own sharing stories and opening up Pandora’s musical box, but those who went to the “Drop Your Digital Pants” lecture took part in the recording of a brand new song called Signs Of Life.  Starting today, Signs Of Life is available for members to download in the Super Digital Pants Album, as well as a new T-Shirt to commemorate the song’s recording. It features the names of everyone who sang on the song.  During HANSON Day weekend we confirmed that we will be touring in the US this fall.  We are excited to make this tour something special, celebrating 23 years of HANSON and also a celebration of our roots.  We are pulling the final details together and should be announcing it all sometime during the middle of this month.  Looking forward to seeing all of you on the road soon.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


The HANSON Day 2015 Lecture song and shirt are now available in the store.

While you are in the store, check out the new Silver HANSON Logo Stud Earrings and all of the items premiered at the HANSON Day 2015 event.

We’re Bringing Our Friends, You Should, Too!

Fan Club Exclusive!

Back To The Island 2016 is the biggest and most luxurious island event we’ve ever put on. It’s such a great week that we look forward each year to inviting some of our good friends as well (those who happen to play music). Since we get to invite our friends we want to give you the chance to do the same, and we’re making it easier with our special “Bring A Friend To The Island” promotion!

For more details, CLICK HERE.

Note: Promotion applies to NEW bookings only


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