Joc Pederson’s teammates hijacked his walk-up song and changed it to Hanson’s ‘MMMbop’

By | May 2, 2015

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Joc Pederson is the truth.

Through the first 22 games of the season, young Joc is rocking a .300/.463/.633 slash line to go with five homers, and 14 RBIs.

Oh, and if defense is your thing, he’s got that, too:



Most importantly, though, Joc’s (accidentally) got his walk-up game on lock.

During Friday night’s game against the D-backs, Pederson was due up with the bases loaded in the second inning when his teammates hijacked his walk-up music, forcing the rookie center fielder to approach the batter’s box to Hanson’s 1996 [sic] smash hit “MMMbop.”

Pederson proceded to hit his first career grand slam:


So, basically, the Hanson brothers are Pederson’s good luck charm. He never should have walked up to another song in the first place, but to change it back now would be to tempt fate. “MMMbop” forever.