21 ’90s Songs That You Told Everyone You Hated (But You Secretly Loved Them Anyway)

By | April 28, 2015


The 1990s graced us with many wonderful things, including an array of songs that still remain fixtures on our playlists today. While there were several hits we could belt proudly in a crowded room, several were relegated to the confines of our bedrooms, in the shower (when no one was home, of course), and during solitary drives with the windows rolled up. The instant a new boy band smash, bubble gum pop track, or pulsing dance jam would hit the radio airwaves, the same derisive commentary seemed to follow about how the songs were “so annoying” and “played out.” I would always offer a sheepish giggle and pretend to agree while secretly anticipating the next time I could scurry into seclusion and satiate my need for some ridiculous ear candy. 

In 2015, several of these certified guilty pleasures still remain a fixture within the privacy of my earbuds. One of my friends recently asked me what I was listening to and I responded with chagrin that it was “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” by the Backstreet BoysRather than look horrified, her face broke into an exuberant grin. “I love that song! BSB for life, am I right?” She was right, and the following are several of the 90s songs we told everyone we hated but secretly loved.


Hanson, “Mmmbop”

“Mmmbop” isn’t an actual word, but our secret undying love for this song couldn’t be more real. I exhausted myself pretending to not be completely obsessed with this track in 1997.

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