Fool’s Banquet 2015

By | February 3, 2015

Fool’s Banquet 2015 is underway at the Sonic Ranch in El Paso, TX. ┬áStay tuned to this post which we will will try to keep updated as the artists attending update their social media.

Those attending include:

Dan Haseltine (@scribblepotemus)
Asia Whiteacre (@asiapersuasia)
Carrick Moore Gerety (@CarrickMG)
Andrew McMahon (@AndrewMcMahon)
Imani Coppola (@imanicoppola)
Chau (@weareokko)
Ryan Beatty (@theryanbeatty)
Matt Collins

The following twitter list will contain the twitter accounts to those attending:

A gospel anthem was written by Carrick, Asia and Isaac
Isaac wrote a dark song called Crime of Passion which included the lyrics:
“She stole love that I can’t get back”
Dan conjured his inner Joe Cocker/Ray Charles and wrote a song called “My Blackbird”
Dan: “There are many songs coming out of a certain pecan grove. So much talent in one place! …it’s completely nuts”
Dan, Chau, Zac wrote a Dance Pop song

Some instagram photos:



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