HNET Newsletter Jan 23, 2015

By | January 23, 2015


HANSON 2015 – Construction at 3CG Studios – Tulsa OK


Whether it is power chords or power tools, we always find a way to get things rocking and paint rolling (wow that was a nerdy sentence), and that is what has been going on for most of the last two weeks here at 3CG. It started with acoustic insulation, sound board and dry wall installation. Then it was on to painting every wall of the office (lots and lots of walls equals really big walls) and now next week we go into the moving things to their new places and reorganizing. The whole 3CG Tulsa team has been involved and it has been a lot of work and fun … we have an awesome team of doers all under one roof.

Besides the changes at HANSON HQ we are looking towards plans for 2015/2016. There will be new Members music being made in short order, and also a lot of announcements about Hanson Day, Hop Jam and other things to come later this year … we can’t wait!  In the meantime we hope you have enjoyed the Back to the Island blogs that we put up this week, and we hope to have behind the scenes stuff from the making of the EP coming your way when we start the process in the next few weeks.

Enjoy thinking about what job you would hire Hanson Brothers Construction & Deconstruction for!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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