Hanson Back to the Island Setlist Voting

By | December 12, 2014

Hanson Back To The Island

Setlist voting for Hanson Back To the Island is LIVE at Hanson.net in the blog area. (Click Blog and then Hanson Asks)  This year there are 2 polls. One represents all of the tracks from the 6 studio albums and the other represents just under 50 Fanclub EP songs.  Those attending Back to the Island can choose 10 from each list.

Don’t forget, if you go to our Database you can see past show setlists, how many times songs have been performed live before and sign up to get a list of what songs you have heard live by submitting all the shows you have attended.  This is a great tool for figuring out which of the songs you have never heard or heard the least if that is the approach you want to take when choosing your setlist!


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