Hanson Song vs Hanson Song – Back in 2015!

By | December 8, 2014



Back in 2011 after the release of Shout It Out, we did Hanson Song vs Song where all of Hanson’s songs battled it out leading to one being crowned a winner.  In 2011 – that winner was Been There Before.

But since then Hanson has released another album with Anthem and several other member EP songs, HNet exclusive songs, ETC.

For Music Monday – we will once again be pitting songs against each other. You vote for which of the two you think is better and the one with the most votes will advance to the next round.

Who will win in 2015? You’ll have to vote and keep checking back to see!

Songs will be matched up together by the help of random.org for the first round and will move on in a March Madness style bracket for each round after that.

One thought on “Hanson Song vs Hanson Song – Back in 2015!

  1. Jody Powell

    I can see where “Been There Before” would be the winner! I’m looking forward to this new game.

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