Hanson Live In Adelaide

By | August 15, 2014

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Considering many people either have no idea who these guys are or think the only song they ever released was MMMBop, Hanson bought the house down at HQ last night! Playing to a sold out crowd, Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson have come back to Australia to support their new record ‘Anthem’. Despite all three brothers being in different stages of illness, Zac has actually lost his voice, they pushed through and performed a wide selection of songs from their six albums. The crowd was extremely helpful, belting out all of Zac’s parts so he didn’t have to! Sickness can’t stop these talented men from rocking out, seeing Isaac’s guitar string snap was proof of that.

A solo song from each brother is something that fans really look forward to, unfortunately with Zac losing his voice he didn’t perform one but Isaac and Taylor certainly made up for his absence. ‘Hand in Hand’ is always a crowd favourite for Isaac’s solo and Taylor gave a wonderful tribute to Robin Williams before singing ‘Be My Own’, a song that was only released to fan club members. MMMBop was of course a highlight of the show for much of the crowd, taking the ladies back to their bedrooms in 1997, walls covered in Hanson posters and deciding which brother they wanted to marry. The guys new single ‘Get the Girl Back’ is just another song that had the crowd going wild! And with encore performances of “If Only’ and ‘In the City’ Taylor made sure to get the crowd jumping as high as they could.

Playing both electric and acoustic songs the crowd seemed captivated by the talent of these three brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma. 17 years after the release of MMMBop, Hanson still manage to get the ladies swooning and the crowd jumping. Ever growing as artists, I for one can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Opening act Adam Martin is an amazing talent, performing a mix of originals and covers his voice just melts the heart. Getting the crowd singing along to ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis was just one of the highlights from his set. Changing it up a little from previous shows was an interesting twist for those fans who have been to more than one show on the Anthem tour here in Australia. The crowd being happy and fired up for Hanson was his main goal and he did a pretty great job!

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