We Have A Beer With Hanson

By | August 11, 2014

Mix 1023

Joda, Soda, Snowy and our lucky prize winner Bernadette headed down to SA Brewing to meet and greet Hanson!

Bernadette won the prize for being “Adelaide Biggest Hanson Fan”. She told us:

“In 2005 I met Hanson out the front of the Mix 102.3 station, after getting there at 1am in the morning. We tried to follow them in my car but they pulled over and told us to stop following them. I LOVE HANSON SO MUCH, It would be the best 30th birthday gift if I could have a beer with Hanson.”

Isaac and Taylor from the band proved very knowledgeable on beer and even brought along some of their own beer Mmmhops for everyone to try!

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