By | August 9, 2014

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American MMMBoppers Hanson are all grown-up now and in their third decade as musicians playing together. They are currently on a tour of Australia, about which drummer Zac (who’s 28, by the way) told us: “When we go touring I don’t think about specific details too much. It’s really just the experience you have of playing shows together… It will be our first time in New Zealand though, that’s pretty cool.”

During our interview, he went on to talk about his band’s continued popularity, even after all these years. “Success is something that can come and go really easily. Especially over time you see that there are so many talented musicians who just never get a chance to be successful. It feels pretty surreal. We started the band when I was just teeny….. I was six years old. So now, this is your life’s work. You care deeply about it, because it’s not just like it’s another band. It’s something that you’ve basically been working on forever, your whole life long. It feels great to have survived so much. Because music has changed so much, particularly over the last 10 years, even 15 years. And so, to still be here, to still like what we do, to still like each other – that’s a hard thing to do. Being in a band is not something unique, it’s like any other relationship: marriage, business, band. You have to give to the relationship, otherwise it falls apart.”

We sent photographer Joel Anderson along to Sydney’s Enmore Theatre to check out brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac. Here are some of his shots from the sold-out gig. See the rest on Facebook.

Hanson play the following venues on the remainder of their Australian/NZ tour:

12th August – HQ, Adelaide 
15th August – Metropolis, Fremantle
17th August – Powerstation, Auckland

Hanson live photos by Joel Anderson. See the full album, including lots of crowd shots, on Facebook. Read the full Hanson interview here.

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