#TBT Hanson perform ‘MMMBop’

By | August 7, 2014


Forget One Direction, forget Bieber and 5 Seconds of something. Anyone who grew up in the 90s knows that the only boy band worth ever knowing about was is Hanson.

The first time you heard MMMBop on the radio, you probably went home that day and recorded the song with your cassette recorder to add it to your homemade mix tape.

Then you and the girls probably sat around pulling the Hanson posters out of your TV Hits magazine then did your Dolly quiz about which Hanson brother you’d wind up marrying (Taylor…duh).

Well 18 years later the boys are still babes, still making music and still being dreamy.

In Australia for their ‘Anthem World Tour’ and stopped by The Surgery for a chat with Smallzy….and were kind enough to make all pre-teen girls of the 90s dream come true by performing….’MMMBop’

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