HNET Newsletter June 20, 2014

By | June 20, 2014

Message From The Band

As of now we have crossed over into halfway through 2014, WOW, how did we get here so fast. We’ve done a lot behind the scenes and shared a lot of new music recently with you all on the Fanclub EP. This week things are a bit more quiet and contemplative, but we always have things stirring. We are excited to host a special live stream next friday to look back at HANSON DAY and The Hop Jam Beer and Music Festival, and our photo this week celebrates the thing at the center of it all, MUSIC. We hope you get busy being inspired this weekend!

Thanks for Listening

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


TUNE IN next Friday at 8pm CST for a special Alive@Hnet, livestream looking back at the HANSON DAY 2014 event, a first look at the coming NEW, a look forward at things ahead for 2014, plus a recap of The Hop Jam Beer and Music Festival and a live Q&A!

See you there – Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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Weekly Photo

Three Headphones 2014 – Are You Listening Gallery – Tulsa OK

A simple pair of headphones have so much personality. They are a gateway into new music, a personal experience. Which one would you choose?