Hanson announce two extra tour dates

By | May 12, 2014

Seven News

MMMbop boys, Hanson, have announced two extra shows on their Australian tour in Melbourne and Sydney.

The trio of brothers will be touring with music from their latest album Anthem, which the boys say was influenced by Aussie rockers AC/DC.

In a recent interview with AAP, Taylor Hanson said band members tried to emulate the Young brothers’ pounding rock sound.

“If you hear the first song on the record it’s pretty unmistakable.

“Not to say that we’ve tapped it fully but there’s definitely some strong (AC/DC) influence.”

Taylor says the boys discovered AC/DC a couple of years after they burst on to the scene with their catchy 90s pop song, MMMbop.

“We started with more soul music and early rock’n roll, 50s 60s, and as we really began playing and touring, we began to discover much harder stuff.

“This is 16 years ago, when I was 15. We’ve loved them for a long time.”

The band wanted to capture AC/DC’s “primal response”, he added.

“You hear it and you think `Yes, I am on a highway to hell and I don’t care!'”.

Hanson have added an extra show in Melbourne at The Hi-Fi on August 10, and an extra show in Sydney at The Hi-Fi on August 13. They kick off their tour in Brisbane on August 5.

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