Taylor Hanson’s advice to Justin Bieber: Just focus on the music

By | April 8, 2014

Faster Louder

Taylor Hanson and Justin Bieber have a lot in common. By the tender age of 16 they’d both shifted a few million records, inspired a generation of young boys to get dodgy haircuts and attributed much of their success to Jesus Christ. But their transition from child star to adulthood couldn’t have panned out more differently.

Despite the fame and legions of screaming fans, Taylor Hanson – and his two brothers Issac and Zac – avoided the usual child-star cliches. There was no (allegedly) racist graffiti, Brazilian prostitutes or multiple arrests. Instead of spiraling out-of-control, the bothers got married, had a bunch of kids and went on to release nine more albums

So how did they manage to stay so squeaky clean? By just focusing on making records, frontman Taylor Hanson told FL’s David Swan ahead of his band’s Australian tour. “We were always in this to make music,” he says. “not to be superstars. We’re the guys that write and produce and we work with other artists, and that’s our passion. Just to make songs and write records and tour. So I think we were so influenced by our own drive to be musicians first, that I think that helped keep us focused on that.”

He then offered the following advice to Justin Bieber, who doesn’t even remember he was in Australia just four months ago. “I don’t wanna say that he’s getting it wrong … but I think history will show and tell who survives and who doesn’t. Because it’s really hard to survive in this business. Mostly because you are putting yourself out there. And you’re taking a risk, and you’re opening yourself up to criticism whenever you become an artist. Everything you do can be loved and hated”

Hanson are returning to Australia as part of their Anthem world tour – and to celebrate the 17th anniversary of ‘MMMBop’ this August. The full “Firing Line” interview with Taylor – in which he discusses marrying young, why Miley Cyrus was smoking weed with Wayne Coyne in his studio, and which shampoo keeps his hair so full of body – will be published on FL soon.

Hanson tour:

Tuesday, August 5 – The Tivoli, Brisbane (18+)
Wednesday, August 6 – Coolangatta Hotel, Gold Coast (18+)
Friday, August – Enmore Theatre, Sydney (All Ages)
Saturday, August 9 – Palais Theatre, Melbourne (All Ages)
Tuesday, August 12 – HQ, Adelaide (18+)
Friday, August 15 – Metropolis, Fremantle (18+)
Sunday, August 17 – Powerstation, Auckland (All Ages)

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