31 Reasons Why We Love Taylor Hanson

By | March 14, 2014


1. Firs of all, he went from this…

…to this.

This man is like wine; he gets better with the years.

2. He has the best hair (and smile) in the world

We’ll never get tired of saying it… NEVER!!!

3. …and facial hair too

4. He is an awesome daddy!


“Italian holiday train travel, family of 7”


“No better way to spend a beautiful lazy Sunday. Gone fishing”

5. He can cook AND bake



6. And he would take you a photograph while doing it all at the same time

7. He likes to set things on fire

8. …and girls too

9. When he sings…feels like heaven!

10. ARMS

11. We love him because he makes these faces

And we know he could scare your worst enemies away if he gave them one of these looks.

12. He has improved his own personal style over the years

And he did it pretty well!

13. And the best part of this… WHITE PANTS AND SUSPENDERS, GUYS!!!

14. Because he can melt a whole crowd when he plays piano

15. He loves himself so much that we get to have lots of selfies



16. Seriously…he REALLY loves himself

17. But of course, he loves his brothers that much too!

18. Now he doesn’t have 20/20 vision anymore, but that, my friends, is not that bad after all…

Just look at him wearing glasses, LOOK AT HIM!!! Can he be more perfect?!?!

19. Sometimes he makes music babies…

…and real ones too.

20. He has his OWN beer to get drunk with

It’s called Mmmhops, how awesome is that?

21. And he is not only a musician but also a DJ now!!


I am DONE!

22. Those eyes!!

23. Those moves!!!!

24. He is the kind neighbor that would help you fix anything in your house

But in the end, he’d accidentally break it worse.

25. We love him because KOALAS


How can you not love that furry chest? (We’re talking about the koala)

26. He can make you pregnant with just one look

BAM! Now you’re pregnant.

27. As if all that wasn’t enough, he also fangirls, a lot…





Like…A LOT




28. Every time we see him, he makes us feel like we’re in a movie. Literally.

29. And when we thought he couldn’t be more perfect…HE LEARNED TO FREAKING SAIL!!!!


30. Because he loves his fans!

He truly inspires us in many ways.

31. And because he is simply the best!!


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