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By | March 8, 2014


Hanson Mariah Carey
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Welcome to March Music Madness! Here at PopCrush, we’ve selected 32 of the most iconic pop songs released from the ’80s to today (divided into brackets by decade) — and now it’s your job to vote and decide which song will be named the Greatest Pop Song of the Modern Era. May the best song win!

The ’90s wouldn’t have been the same without Hanson and Mariah Carey. (Editor’s note: In fact, our whole lives wouldn’t be the same without them: Hanson was not one, but two of our editors’ favorite bands growing up, and the first CD one of those editors ever owned was a Mariah Carey album.) Hanson’s ‘MMMBop’ and Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men‘s ‘One Sweet Day’ are both songs that were made for turning up on the radio in the car. Musically, they’re very different — but lyrically, they’re both really emotional, relatable tracks. In honor of March Music Madness, which song would you choose as the Greatest Pop Song of the Modern Era?

‘MMMBop,’ released in 1997, was Hanson’s breakthrough single. It also happens to be one of the happiest sounding songs with kind of sad lyrics. (Remember, despite the pep of the song, the opening line goes like this: “You have so many relationships in this life / Only one or two will last / You go through all the pain and strife / Then you turn your back and they’re gone so fast.”) The song went on to be nominated for two Grammys, reach No. 1 on the charts in over 20 countries, hook a whole lot of listeners and even teach us all a new word. Brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac still play this classic pop song live on tour, to great fanfare.

‘One Sweet Day,’ a standout single out of a long line of Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men hits in the ’90s, actually holds the record for being the longest running No. 1 single ever in the U.S. — it held that position for a whopping 16 weeks. Mariah and Boyz II Men performed the Grammy-nominated song live at the Grammy ceremony in 1996 (which you can remember fondly here). Its hopeful lyrics and gorgeous vocals inspired and connected with music fans around the world, and the song still remains as iconic as it was when it first hit the radio in 1995.

Coincidentally, Hanson once uploaded a Vine of themselves singing the chorus of ‘One Sweet Day’ a capella, which you can watch here. This may make the decision even more difficult.

Whose song deserves to move on to the next week in our Greatest Pop Song of the Modern Era competition? Take your pick and vote once an hour until this round’s polls close at 12PM ET on March 11. The title will ultimately be chosen by fans like you!

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