HNET Newsletter Jan 31, 2014

By | January 31, 2014

Message From The Band

After an immense end of year, we (like many) have spend much of January (aside from our trek to Jamaica!!) reorganizing, plotting, planning and appreciating some simple pleasures where they can be found. We are looking forward to sharing what is on the horizon for 2014, ranging from our next fan club EP to our next public concert. Now we say goodbye to our quiet January and step into the fray called February. Have a great week!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

Valentine’s Day Collection

Get something sweet for your Valentine in the store: chocolate, candy hearts and more.
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Weekly Photo

Coffee poor over, Tulsa Oklahoma 2014

This pic captures a simple and magical moment in most of my days, the brewing of a mind stimulating beverage, and while most of the country is still hiding indoors the love of a nice hot beverage resonates that much more. Tell us about a favorite moment in your daily routine.

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