Contest: Guess the MOE Announcement Date

By | January 24, 2014

Since things are a bit slow in Hansonland at the moment, I figured it was time for a contest! Winner will receive an I <3 Tulsa Coaster from Ida Red. (See our instagram for a photo!)

Leave a comment guessing the date that Hanson will announce the MOE (Members Only Event) details.  Not the date that the MOE will be – but the date that the announcement is made. (For reference, it was made in mid-February last year)  Be sure that your email address is left w/ the comment so we can contact you if you win.

The closest without going over will win.  If the announcement is made on January 26th and we have no guesses for the 26th, just the 25th and 27th, the person who guessed the 25th will win.

We will ship this prize world wide so anyone can enter!



*We only have 1 prize so we can only have 1 winner.  Therefore additional guesses for the same date will not count!

7 thoughts on “Contest: Guess the MOE Announcement Date

  1. Cailen

    Wow. Didn’t see someone else said that
    Hahahaha that’s my birthday!!
    Um… February 10th

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