Stop The Bop. Hanson as an instrument of torture

By | January 16, 2014

Update or Die

(Translated using Google Translate)

The Hanson Brothers . Remember them right?
Mmmmbop , ba … gives mmmbop pyridine gives mmm bop ba …
Three brothers there cabeludinhos Tulsa in Oklahoma , which became a phenomenon in 1997 ( can you believe it’s been 17 years ? Grew Guys ) . That charm of Family Do- Re – Mi , Monkees and such ( our , my references are getting REALLY old ) .
Anyway , recalled .
In 2005 they were responsible for another big hit , who you probably have not heard because it happened in a school , the Delone Catholic High School .
Hurricane Katrina New Orleans had ended and everyone in the United States tried to help as he could.
It was then that the academic center of this school had an idea to raise funds .
( the sound of the school system) :
” Dear students , from today we will play by every school , every day, a beautiful song titled Mmmbop , Hanson Brothers before classes begin . And between classes too. Oh, and at lunchtime too. Actually we play all the time Mmmbop , IN STEM , join up $ 3,000 for the homeless from Hurricane Katrina ”


The “Stop The Bop” campaign was a success.
In less than a week the students managed to gather $ 3500 and the music stopped.
The Hanson brothers loved the idea, and sympathetically even sent a signed CD for each student. Look at the hit to stay playing in your head too. Sai dancing.


In 2011, a Chicago school used the same strategy to raise funds for a charity. They used the song “Baby” by Justin Bieber. The goal was achieved in just 3 days. Remember all.
That is what is Kickstarter!
“Stop The Bop” is used today in schools and businesses throughout the country.
What other artist would be able to raise the amount in less time mior only to be silenced huh? Predict down there.
Piri Pipiri, piri piri, crazy in the head …

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