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By | December 15, 2013
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Message From The Band

We only have two more shows in Europe before the ANTHEM would tour shuts down for the Christmas holiday. We are having a great time playing shows and doing Walks for the Take The Walk campaign, in almost every case the walks in Europe have been the first walks we have hosted in each country.

On the bus there is a mix of enthusiasm for such a great tour, and melancholy as we’re sad to see such a great run come to a close. The Christmas season is a beautiful time of year to be traveling Europe, each city having their Christmas market in full swing, people walking the streets window-shopping for that perfect something, for that special someone. This is also such a special time to spent with family (no brothers don’t count) going to christmas parties, chopping firewood, and generally decking the halls, and we hope everyone will have a chance to enjoy this time. How bitter sweet life can be. As we wrap up this tour with the final shows in Italy we will try and suck the marrow out of every moment for the next few days and then find our merry way home with no regrets!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

MEMBER EXCLUSIVE Back To The Island 2014

Hi –

Well the ANTHEM World Tour is in full swing, and as we step into winter we are even more looking forward to an incredible getaway to Jamaica for the second Back To The Island Event.

Last year’s event was incredible, but as we are always trying to take it up a notch, we have a few more announcements about what the Back To The Island 2014 is going to entail.

To learn more, READ MORE HERE.

Weekly Photo

The Eiffel Tower, ANTHEM World Tour, Paris France 2013

We have had an incredible tour across Europe. Here is a pic Taylor took of the iconic Eiffel Tower. Tell us about your favorite show on the ANTHEM World Tour, in Europe

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