Street scene: In the row for Hanson

By | December 12, 2013

Brabants Dagblad

(Translated using Google Translate)

Fans van Hanson in de rij



Tue Dec 10 : Mmm bop , buzzing for 013 . Mmm bop , ba duba dop, ba du bop , ba duba dop, after du bop , ba duba cap . Etc. .

Then you know thirties / forties enough. The band Hanson ( you know, those guys with long hair ) is doing a European tour and does Tilburg tonight. And so there the venue of an international group of fans waiting for Isaac , Taylor and Zac . Behind fences , because you never know … but
And yes , Hanson is still very popular.
Thus , the answer to one of the stupid questions Cityscape states . Even more stupid questions : Or the guys still have long hair ? “No, no longer . ” The waiting ( average age of thirty ) surely old for a boy band , right? Deep sigh , “We are just loyal fans . That can ? ”
Yes you can. Real fans , because some of the ladies sitting around since the dawn of the door . With fleece blankets on chairs . There are fans in from England , Germany and France . Again a stupid question, because there are no concerts then ? ” We travel after them , of course .”
Understood . Here are the link to earwig MMMBop , so that you can enjoy for days after . Even if you are not a fan . Ba du bop .

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