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By | December 12, 2013

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After more than two years, the brothers Hanson back in the Netherlands for a one-off concert at the ‘Anthem ‘ tour . Recently, the eponymous sixth album Hanson came from what they are currently on a world tour . The men now form a band for over 21 years and play tonight for the first time in 013 Tilburg .
In the afternoon there is already a special ” members only event” held in which a number of songs played for a select number of lucky fans from home and abroad . The numbers are available only been through the fan club , so unique to even live to be able to hear them. Followed by a funny question and answer session and a real meet and greet with group photos can be used for many fans their day not go wrong .
Hanson tonight no support so it’s extra long wait before the concert finally begins . Once the band is starting to sound the songs ‘ Fired Up ‘ and ‘ I’ve Got Soul’ from the last album Anthem by the speakers . Full speed follows an old hit ” Where’s The Love ” and the enthusiastic ” Scream And Be Free ‘ . Despite the pace there is high and the men in good voice his audience is just waking up from the long wait . Fortunately, it does not take long before they are just as excited as the band itself .
When the men ‘s song ‘ To Much Heaven ” by the Bee Gees a capella singing together in a microphone , the room quiet and you can hear the beautiful voices of the dynamic between the brothers . A breathtaking moment . Then they each play a solo song which particularly the eldest brother Isaac itself from its best side with the song ” Hand in Hand ” . Taylor seems to have some obvious during his solo song ” Lost Without You .” Some voice problems Although it has to come from his toes , he still manages to convince the public.
Highlights tonight are obviously ” not-to – miss – nostalgic – megahit ” ‘ MMMBop ‘, but also songs like ” Lost Without Each Other ” and ” In The City ” do well by the public. As a bonus , we are treated to the cheerful Christmas songs ” Merry Christmas Baby ” and “Run Rudolph Run ” from the Christmas album that the band released in 1997 . A festive ending to a great show that could last. Almost 2 hours with 25 numbers Merry Christmas MMMBop we have certainly not out of our minds .

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