33 Things To Love About Isaac Hanson

By | November 17, 2013


Friends, Isaac Hanson turns 33 today (November 17, 2013.) Let’s take a moment, or 33 moments, to appreciate the oldest Hanson brother.


1. That smile! What’s not to like?

Can we all appreciate that Isaac has a great smile? Yes? Yes!

2. That he typically has a suit on.

Hanson Memes / Via

Isaac is always a well dressed man! In the “Get The Girl Back” video, or just on tour…Isaac is always suited up and looking his best.

3. Two words…”Ike Solo.”

When Isaac sings a solo, or sings lead…you pay attention.

Am I right?

4. That time he played accordion on MTV’s Making The Video.

MTV / Via mtv.com

Taylor and Isaac joined forces to play the accordion. Also, let’s again appreciate that smile!

5. The time he had a guest spot on Sabrina: The Teenage Witch.

ABC / Via

Best line from a TV show ever?

6. He looks out for others.

Via Erin Vlaminck

Say it with me, “awww.” Isaac helps a little girl up the stairs on the slide, before their concert in Kansas, 2013. How cute is this?

7. He always knows how to have fun!

Via Kristin Moore

Same day in Kansas… He couldn’t resist using the slide himself. Can you blame him?

8. Those mad guitar skills.

Via Pinterest

Where would Hanson be, without Isaac on guitar? This is what a role model looks like, friends. (Also, again, with the suits!)

9. That time he held a koala and shared it with Twitter.

@hansonmusic / Via

I’m not sure who to be more jealous of in this picture…the koala, or Isaac?

10. That he had a hand in Hanson’s new beer, Mmmhops.

  / Via

Hanson fans and beer fans, rejoice! Their IPA beer is officially on the market. Unfortunately, Isaac is off the market.

11. That he has a plethora of ties, and wears them like a gentleman!

Zimbio / Via

I…uh…was I making a list or something?

12. Also…is that a pocket square?

Via Kristin Moore, St. Louis, MO 10/17/13

Well played, Isaac. You are a dapper gentleman, indeed.

13. That he makes Hanson.net more entertaining…

Every so often, Hanson has livestreams on their website, Hanson.net. These livestreams are enhanced by Isaac’s entertainment! Even if Taylor appears to disapprove of his shenanigans…

14. The fact that he can ramble a bit (and we love it.)

Via Sarah Gogola

Hanson fans are aware of Isaac’s detailed descriptions, conversations, in depth stage banter, etc. And we love. It’s part of what makes Isaac, Isaac.

15. That he wore this Christmas sweater.

  / Via

A few years ago, Hanson released a song for their fanclub called “My Favorite Christmas Sweater.” Isaac, you’re my favorite in this Christmas sweater!

16. Did I mention that smile?

I mean, look at him.

17. Look at him!

  / Via

18. Look. At. Him.

Via Paper Mag

19. Two more words… “Puff Broccoli.”

Via “The Road To Albertane”

Watch “The Road To Albertane” tour video and, it will all make sense to you. Maybe.

20. The times Isaac wears his glasses…

Via @hansonmusic on Twitter

It’s not often you see Isaac in his glasses, but Isaac fans surely appreciate it when he does wear them!

21. His stellar sense of humor.

Via bemyown.tumblr.com

This pretty well sums it up. The fact that he has this in him, is awesome.

22. That appearance on VH1 Best Week Ever.

  / Via

Yes, yes you are, Isaac. Also, kudos to you on the “Almost Famous” reference. (Watch this interview you haven’t already!)

23. That this picture exists.

Was I in the middle of something right now? I feel like, I was…

24. Also, this…

Really, please send help.

25. Or, this.


26. Or, hold up… This.

  / Via

27. When he wears a fedora.

If I may quote one of my friends…it was “fedorable.”

28. That Isaac has a great bond with is brothers.

That’s brotherly love, right there.

29. The way he interacts with the fans.

Sarah Gogola / Via

All three brothers are good at this, to be honest! But, go to a Hanson show, sit on Isaac’s side of the stage…you’ll be in for a treat!

30. His guitar faces.

Every great guitarist needs “guitar faces.” Isaac’s are legen-wait for it-dary.

31. That he’s a family man.

Buzzfeed / Via

Let’s have another “aww” moment. Here he is with one of his kids.

32. This “Middle of Nowhere” picture from 1997…

  / Via

Isaac, you were 16 when we all first met you…

33. …and, this “Anthem” picture from 2013.

  / Via hanson.net

…and today, you start a new year of being 33. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Isaac Hanson!

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