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By | October 26, 2013

NEW Back To The Island 2014

Hi –

Well the ANTHEM World Tour is in full swing, and as we step into winter we are even more looking forward to an incredible getaway to Jamaica for the second Back To The Island Event.

Last year’s event was incredible, but as we are always trying to take it up a notch, we have a few more announcements about what the Back To The Island 2014 is going to entail.

Guest Artists!
We are proud to announce our two guest artists. After an amazing reception during the tour, it was an easy decision to invite our good friend Paul McDonald to join us. Paul is an incredible artist and we can’t wait to have him with us. Our second guest artist is another good friend, Matt Wertz! Matt most recently joined us on our last Australian tour, and everyone who saw those shows knows he puts on a really energetic show. We’re thrilled that he’s also going to join us.

After hearing your feedback from last year we decided to change things up a bit for the special activities that we are hosting. For Zac’s special activity he is not only going to be Tie-Dying with you, but you will be able to customize your actual Back To The Island merch – that way each item Zac teaches you to dye by hand will be a special memento of the awesomeness of Back To The Island 2014. For Isaac’s event, he has decided to host a special Hancyclopedia Competition (beware, Isaac is the original Hancyclopedia, so you better bring your A-game). Lastly, Taylor is going to bring the late night jams, by hosting the first official aftershow party of Back To The Island, featuring a special DJ set – you better be ready to get your freak on!

More Live Music!
Now, for the most unique new announcement, we are also going to add three special shows which will be a first EVER in our band’s history. During the event, you attendees will be treated to a different mini solo concert from each member of the band. Over the years we have done a select solo song during many shows, but we have never hosted an entire set, exclusively as a solo performer. We hope you will be there to experience it with us!

We hope you are as excited about the coming party in Jamaica as we are. Remember there are only a few more rooms left, so if you haven’t already signed up,click here for more info and to book your spot! This is a fanclub exclusive event, but if you are not already a member it is easy to join as a part of your Jamaica package.

This event will truly be a celebration, and we hope you are there to kick off the new year with us!

We will see you on the Island –

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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