AJR Answer The Question 'What If Hanson Went Brunette' + Other Things We Learned From The Adorable Band's 'I'm Ready' Video

By | October 18, 2013

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AJR's "I'm Ready" video is three times the cheeky fun!

AJR = Hanson. Think about that for a sec. 

Meet indie-pop trio AJR. If you couldn’t tell by their similarly chiseled jawlines and uniformly colored hair, they’re three musically inclined bros (Adam, Ryan, and Jack) from NYC who are about to become, like, Hanson-level famous.

Hot on the heels of several high-profile gigs (the trio has shared the stage with Demi Lovato, Hoodie Allen, and they’ll soon tour with Fifth Harmony), the boys just dropped the video for their utterly infectious single, “I’m Ready.”

And we’ll say this: Aside from it being the perfect mix of Hanson, the Jonas Brothers, and The Lumineers, “I’m Ready” is the best way to live out your “what if Hanson went brunette?” fantasy. Not that we have those or anything.

Watch AJR’s “I’m Ready” video after the jump.

In their “I’m Ready” video, Team AJR gather in a brightly lit record storefront to perform their new jam. In between shots of the guys moving in brotherly unison (that endearing step-touch dance move!!), the video descends into what we can only refer to as a “social media montage.”

What does a “social media montage” look like? Well, an audience member records the guys on her phone, she shares the video on YouTube, the YouTube video gets ALL THE COMMENTS, and before you know it, the guys are famous on Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook, PLUS they’re the subject of GIFs, memes, and quirky fan-made home videos. Whatever, sharing is caring!

Anyway, “I’m Ready” is basically the family home video you always prayed Dad would film at Thanksgiving. Just add in talent, SUCH perfect hair, and social media savvy. Because don’t try to tell us you understand half of the social media tools in that music video, Dad.

+ Watch AJR’s “I’m Ready” video.

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