HNET Newsletter Sept 21, 2013

By | September 21, 2013

Message From The Band

Yesterday was a day off in Salt Lake City, and after four shows in a row it was welcome. Days off on tour are recovery days. Do laundry, sleep in a real bed, go to the gym, eat some good local food that negates the trip to the gym and most important bus fumigation. Imagine 10 people living in a 45 foot bus loading in and out gear and playing a concert everyday, with far to few showers going on… yep it smells just like that!

Believe it or not on days off we even like to go see a concert when the opportunity arises. By chance we ran into the guys from Muse at our hotel and after talking beer, decided to go see their show. It was great! As is to be expected it was a spectacle of rock god goodness. Even if you do not like their music you can appreciate the lengths they go to to put on a visually exciting show, including lasers, and an LED screen pyramid big enough to cover the whole band. Now the journey continues with our concert tonight in Salt lake, and on west from there. No there will not be lazer lights, but there’s plenty of rocknroll.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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Weekly Photo

Each Friday we are sharing a special weekly picture that highlights something that’s gone on during the week, or something that we want to look back on from the amazing 21 years of our band.

Backstage, Variety Play House, ANTHEM WORLD TOUR , Atlanta Georgia, 2013
The ANTHEM WORLD TOUR has already taken us to cities and concert venues far and wide, and there are many more to come. What is the favorite city or venue that you have have seen us play a concert?

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