And God Said, “Let There Be Hanson.”

By | September 19, 2013


DSC09313Photo by Eva Avenue.

by Eva Avenue & Marcella Garvey

It was the kind of concert where you spend all of the next day contemplating your life, remembering every magic moment in vivid blurs, adapting “Where’s The Love?” on piano and just feeling upbeat and giddy about whatever because last night you saw Hanson!

It was an absolute effing delight to find them in the same general spirits they gave off back when we first listened to them all the time, all the time. Honestly, we’re having a hard time writing this review, like it’s too personal to know what even happened that night.


But let’s try.

Let’s try.

They’ve been a band for 21 years now, and their newest album release, Anthem, has them on an Anthem World Tour. After a long intermission between the end of the opening band and Hanson’s set up, they charged onto the stage like motivational speakers about to exorcise our blues and take us to the next level. They’ve become a glorified funk band with layers of Michael Jackson and The Monkees.

Taylor has ripened into a lovely specimen of vocal splendor; he sounds the same but better and sexier, with the same well-placed moans and ooo’s. Just take Taylor and make him 30, it’s like that; he is a mythical creature who walks among us. You think you got over him in 1998, but that’s only because you haven’t seen him in concert yet.

TTPhotos by Eva Avenue.

He was dressed in a black shirt, black jeans, with black leather suspenders and brown boots. If he had come out in a tuxedo, snapping his fingers and flipping his hair, I don’t think any of us would have been able to handle it. We would’ve all fainted and died like the girl in the music video (for their new single “Get The Girl Back”). In case you still think you are too cool for Hanson, you might want to research Taylor’s super-group project Tinted Windows. Yeah, even the Smashing Pumpkins love him. So upload that indie album into your iPhone and smoke it.

DSC09320Photo by Eva Avenue.

And Zac’s a charismatic man now, with a lion’s mane, muscles and the beginning outlines of Dave Grohl facial hair. And Isaac was still Isaac.

DSC09155Photo by Eva Avenue.

DSC09355Photo by Eva Avenue.

“I haven’t changed at all!” Isaac yelled, and then said something about his guitar, alone on stage, about to do a solo song. The guitar had gone out of tune. He was going to tune it. Roadies kept trying to take the guitar, he was like, “I got this!” Then Zac came onstage, put his hand on Isaac’s shoulder and was like, “You go tune. I’ll play a song” and walked over to the piano; solution-oriented; so freakin charming.

They played mostly new songs off the album, and spiced it up with “Where’s The Love?” and” Mmmbop” from Middle of Nowhere. They also did “Give a Little” from their 2010 album, whatever that was called, we’re not looking it up right now, we’re trying to write this review on time.

Check out, no, buy their new album Anthem on or iTunes.

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