Three questions with … Lions QB Matthew Stafford on boy bands, O-line bodies, WNBA

By | September 17, 2013

Detroit Free Press

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford

Every week, Free Press sports writer Carlos Monarrez asks one very special Lions player three questions that reveal everything about his hopes, his dreams and his character. Quarterback Matthew Stafford is on the hot seat this week, with guest questions provided by right tackle Jason Fox.

What was your favorite childhood boy band and why?

Stafford:“Hanson. Right? Isn’t that a boy band? I’m going with Hanson to spice things up. Why? Like, my aunt or uncle got me a Hanson CD when I was young. It was ‘MMMBop’ or something like that.”

Would you rather have your favorite WNBA team win the championship or would you rather win $5?

Stafford: “$5 for lack of a favorite WNBA team.”

If you could trade bodies with any offensive lineman, who would it be and why?

Stafford: “Any O-lineman? I can’t even answer that. It’s just a weird question. Fox wants me to say Fox. But just because I know that, I’m going to go with — sick tats Raiola. Or we could go Big Wad (LaAdrian Waddle); I mean the guy is just a monster. I don’t know. Let’s just go with my boy Robbie Sundays (Rob Sims). Why? Because it’ll (tick Fox) off.”

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