Boy band grows up: Hanson, heartthrobs of the ’90s, is still making music — their way

By | September 14, 2013


Hanson found fame when the members were teens and have moved forward making music in a new era.

Hanson found fame when the members were teens and have moved forward making music in a new era.

Taylor Hanson is not a fan of standing still.

This is why Taylor – the middle brother of the trio Hanson – spends his time balancing family life and the band, which has been in the music industry for 20-plus years.

“We have a unique set-up now,” he says. “We produce our own music and are in charge of all of our merchandise. We run our website and have full creative control.”

Taylor, now 30, and his brothers Isaac and Zac skyrocketed to fame in the late 1990s with their huge hit, “MMMBop.”

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Since then, the brothers have navigated their way into adulthood. They’ve also changed their sound from pop to a blues-inspired sound.

“We knew from the beginning that we were going to be around for the long haul,” Taylor says. “What’s been great is that each one of us has grown as a person and as a musician. We have different perspectives on what life is all about. We’re all fathers now and we are working at balancing that part into our lives.”

Hanson has released 11 studio albums and its latest, “Anthem,” was released June 18.

Taylor says the songs that would eventually become part of “Anthem” started from the trio’s frustrations.

“We had hit a little bit of a wall,” he says. “So we took the majority of last summer and didn’t write as a group. When we came back together last fall, there was a different energy. There’s a sense of size and space and there’s more fight in it and we’ve brought a new attitude to our music.”

What’s also new is that the brothers introduced some R&B elements to their songs.

“The songs are emotive and it’s about moving forward with our music,” he says. “We were in a different place and we found a new path for us.”

Taylor is looking forward to continuing to grow alongside his brothers with the band.

“The challenge for us growing up in front of the world is maintaining purpose and not getting diverted,” he says. “We started the band not for celebrity. It was always about making music and carving our place out there in the industry. We’ve been able to do that and it’s an amazing thing.”

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