News/ Zac Hanson Calls Concertgoer a "Drunk Bitch" at Virginia Show

By | September 6, 2013

E Online 

Remember when the lads in Hanson were the wee kids who scored a ’90s hit with their catchy, upbeat anthem “MMMBop”?

Well, they grew up.

And now a video that’s hit the web is offering a fresh reminder of that, especially since it shows Zac Hanson referring to an overzealous fan at Thursday’s gig in Richmond, Virginia as a “drunk bitch.”

According to, the 27-year-old singer-songwriter stopped midway through his solo rendition of the band’s tune, “Lulabelle” after a female concertgoer shouted “I wanna lick your d—.”

Hanson, who is married with two kids and has another on the way, jokingly reprimanded the woman for interrupting his quiet, “beautiful song about a little girl,” though he did it all with a smile before resuming the performance to cheers from the audience.

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The singer also apparently added, “You need to go home” to the alleged heckler, though again he seemed to take the comments with good humor.

Still, that’s an interesting way to win over your fanbase, but from the comments Netizens have posted on YouTube, most folks are sticking up for Zac and slamming those acting disrespectful at the show.

Still going strong after more than 21 years, Hanson is currently touring in support of their latest album, Anthem, which hit stores in June.

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