Review: Pop group Hanson impresses at The Paramount in New York

By | September 3, 2013

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Huntington–  On September 1, pop-rock boy band Hanson  played at The Paramount in Huntington, New York, as part of their “Anthem World  Tour.”

Paul McDonald, the eighth place finalist from the tenth season  of American Idol, was their opening act.

The trio of brothers consists of Taylor  on lead vocals and keyboards, Isaac on vocals and guitars, as well as Zac on  backing vocals and drums.

“How are you guys doing tonight?”  Taylor Hanson asked. “We are going to have a good time,” he underscored.

After opening with “Where’s the Love,”  they welcome the audience to their “Anthem World Tour.” “It’s good to be with  you tonight,” Taylor added.

During their liberating “Scream and Be  Free,” they had their fans waving their hands up in the air.

“It’s great to be with you guys  tonight,” Taylor reiterated, prior to nothing that this marks their 21st year as  a band and they sang “This Time Around.”

“Let’s get this show started,” Taylor  said. “All right now we are starting to sound ‘fired up,’” he added, and they  delivered a soaring rendition of “Fired Up,” as he played the tambourine.

After a brief break, they returned for  their acoustic sets, which commenced with “Been There Before.”

“You guys feeling good?” they asked the  crowd.

Hanson noted that they have released  more records lately as independent artists rather than when they were on the  major labels.

“We need to get the celebration going,”  Taylor said. “Raise your glass and celebrate 21 years with us.”

They sang “Strong Enough to Break” from  their “Underneath” album and they subsequently “took it down a notch.” “You guys  are awesome,” the band members echoed.

Isaac asked the audience, “How is  everybody doing on this lovely Labor Day weekend?” Then

it was his turn for a solo and Isaac  belted out a stunning rendition of “For Your Love,” as he accompanied himself on  acoustic guitar.

Zac, whom they dubbed as their  “timekeeper,” went on to his solo version of “Go” and then they were able to  switch it up with their instruments on “Juliet,” which featured Zac on lead  vocals and piano, meanwhile  Taylor played drums on this tune.

“Thank you so much,” Zac said. “Give it  up for Taylor on drums,” he added.

“Music gives us an anthem,” Taylor said  and they went on to sing “You Can’t Stop Us Now” from their latest studio album.

It was followed by “Waiting for This,”  where they had the crowd jumping on their feet.

“How many of you have been so crazy  about someone that you have counted the minutes they were away from you?” Taylor  asked. “Well this song is for you” and they sang “A Minute Without You.”

They continued with “Thinking ‘Bout  Somethin’” and “Give a Little,” the latter of which featured Taylor on  tambourine.

“What a great crowd tonight,” Taylor  said praising the New York audience. “We didn’t say thank you enough. Thanks for  being with us for about two decades. Now we will take you back to the first song  that you heard.”

Hanson broke into their breakthrough  and chart-topping single “MMMBop,” which garnered them three 1998 Grammy  nominations, which included “Record of the Year,” “Best New Artist” and “Best  Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.”

“Wow,” Taylor said. “What a crowd. I  want to go out and party with you guys. You seem to know how to have a good  time.”

It was followed by “Get the Girl Back,”  their lead-off single from their “Anthem” CD and they closed their show with  “Tonight.”

“Thank you so much for being here with  us. We hope you had a god night,” Taylor concluded.

The Verdict

Overall, Hanson put on a high-energy  show at The Paramount in Huntington. Each band member sang their own solos  throughout the evening, this showcasing their individual talents on vocals and  instrumentals. Their songs were infectious and the girls in the audience could  not get enough of the sibling trio. Their “Anthem World Tour” is certainly worth  checking out whenever they are in town.

For more information on Hanson and  their new music, visit their official website.

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