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‘MMMBop’? Hanson are singing a new ‘Anthem’

Metro On hearing the name Hanson, most people will peppily reply by humming a quick chorus of “MMMBop.” But there’s more to the band of brothers – Isaac, Taylor and Zac – than long flowing locks and that hit released back in 1997. A lot’s changed for Hanson since “MMMBop.” They have 10 kids between them, their own… Read More »

Setlist: St Paul, MN 8/27/13

Waiting For This Ive Got Soul Wheres The Love And I Waited This Time Around Fired Up Madeline Never Been To Spain With You In Your Dreams Already Home Watch Over Me If Only Give a Little Thinking Bout Somethin Penny and Me Get The Girl Back MMMBop Minute Without You You Can’t Stop Us Cut Right Through… Read More »

Hanson’s Zac Hanson: I always look forward to fried food

CityPages Although their 1997 heyday was a long time ago, Hanson have managed to avoid the boy-band curse, and they still make music that actually means something. The brothers are set to play the State Fair on Monday and Tuesday at the Leinie Lodge, and “Mmmbop” will most likely be in the mix, but the men — no… Read More »

Hanson on Twin Cities Live

TwinCitiesLive The Hanson brothers have been making music together for over 20 years. They took time out of their State Fair performances to visit us live. Isaac, Taylor and Zac topped the charts back in 1997 with “Mmmbop” but they’ve been busy making music ever since. Their 6th studio album “Anthem” just came out. They’ve also got a… Read More »

Setlist: St Paul, MN 8/26/13

Fired Up I’ve Got Soul Where’s The Love Thinking Of You Scream and Be Free Minute Without You Strong Enough To Break Crazy Beautiful Been There Before Juliet Waiting For This Already Home Thinking Bout Somethin Penny and Me Give a Little Get The Girl Back MMMBop If Only This Time Around In The City