Hanson says that their Mmmhops will be a gateway drug to craft beer

By | August 7, 2013


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In case you weren’t already breifed on the matter, the guys in Hanson—the band of brothers that shot to stardom with the iconic 1997 smash “MMMbop”—have created their own beer and they’re calling it Mmmhops because of course they are. Many of the specifics about the group’s new brew, though, have remained secrets that no one knows (no one knows).

The guys spoke with the folks over at NYMag’s Grub Street to explain what prompted them to start brewing, what everyone can expect with Mmmhops, and the aha moment when they came up with the greatest name in the history of microbrewing.

What do Mmmhops and Hanson have in common?

TH: We just all feel there’s this kinship between what we’ve been doing the last ten years, starting our own little label, and so many other breweries kind of fighting the fight in their own way. They’re going out there saying, “Hey, here’s my new beer, I don’t necessarily have a huge amount of capital, but I have this thing I’m really excited about.”

Zac Hanson: I feel like it’s a symbiotic culture to music. That’s what I feel is kind of full circle about doing a beer — it completes the sensory experience of your band.

TH: Let’s focus on what’s important here: We’re finally getting into addictive substances. What’s similar between Hanson and beer — they are both amazing? So, please convince me I should drink Mmmhops.

TH: Ultimately this is about creating a very drinkable, very approachable pale ale. It has a lot of flavor, it feels good in your mouth, it’s a full-bodied beer. The kind of pale ale that allows the super beer hophead and the more causal beer drinker that isn’t aware of every kind of microbrew to meet in a very comfortable place, and then to open up that world. A gateway drug. This is the beer that will change the way you look at craft beer. [NYMag]
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