HNET Newsletter July 19, 2013

By | July 19, 2013

Message From The Band

As of last night, the ANTHEM World tour has officially gone global. We played our first show outside the US in Buenos Aires, Argentina. So often it is a year or two years after an album comes out before we are able to make it around the world to play concerts. It feels good to be starting a tour in Latin America and be breaking that cycle. So far we have been greeted everywhere we go by excited fans, from the airport to the hotel to the TV station you name it. It makes you smile to know you have made a real connection with someone, something that has lasted more than a decade, and that connection continues. We never have enough time to talk to fans, and on trips like this one where we are filling every moment we can with press to promote the new album, ANTHEM, it becomes even more exaggerated. We just want to say to all the fans in Argentina, thank you! Thank you for you passion and support!

In addition to the concert yesterday, we also did a Members Only Event (MOE) before the show. We love getting to share something extra, going one cut deeper into the music. I hope everyone who was there enjoyed hearing the new members EP The Sound Of Light performed live. It was really fun to recreate some of the magic from when we recorded the EP in Tulsa at the 2013 HANSON Day MOE.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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ANTHEM Latin American Release

ANTHEM is now available digitally in Latin America! The album is available at most digital retailers.

The first single from the album, Get The Girl Back, was released digitally on July 8th.

For more information about the Latin American release, CLICK HERE.

ANTHEM Album Deluxe, Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages available on

ANTHEM European Release

ANTHEM is now available digitally in Europe. The album is available at most digital retailers.

ANTHEM Album Deluxe, Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages available on

Anthem World Tour

The ANTHEM WORLD TOUR begins July 18th in Buenos Aires, Argentina, makes its way through the US and Canada before heading to Europe and endsDecember 17th in Milan, Italy.

Tickets On Sale NOW! Check out the full list of tour dates HERE.

Weekly Photo

Each Friday we are sharing a special weekly picture that highlights something that’s gone on during the week, or something that we want to look back on from the amazing 21 years of our band.

Here’s a pic Taylor took this afternoon, after arriving in Rio De Janiero Brazil for our second concert on the ANTHEM WORLD TOUR. Who know’s what song from our third album was partly composed in this same location?

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