Hanson STILL Proud of MMMBop!

By | June 19, 2013



hanson lead 12

They should be — because it’s been STUCK in our heads for the last 16 years! LOLz!

While promoting their latest album Anthem, which we reported on recently, Hanson — brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac — said of the song that dare not have a real word in its chorus:

“I think we’re proud of it. The interesting thing is that we were lucky to have success young. But we used to tell people, ‘Just think of us as old guys with high voices.’ When we started, we always saw ourselves at the beginning of a long career of music.

That song represents our story. It’s a garage band that loved soul music, doo-wop and classic American rock and roll. We wrote it, too. Zac is one of the writers, which makes him the youngest Grammy-nominated songwriter ever at 11.”

Once thought to be a one-hit wonder, Hanson has been together 21 years and put out 11 albums. Suck on that, 90s music critics!

They are also donating all the proceeds of their new beer line, MmmHops, to tornado victims in Oklahoma, their home state.

Musical geniuses who like to help while they booze. No wonder they’ve LASTED!!!

Ch-ch-check out the brothers evolution from boys to dudes to men. Did we just come up with a new band name? (below)

[Images via Island/Mercury and Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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