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By | June 7, 2013
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  • FAN CLUB EXCLUSIVE LiveStream Album Listening Party
  • NEW Anthem World Tour: New Date Announced
  • NEW Anthem Pre-Orders Get Free Downloads
  • NEW MmmHops Merchandise to Support Red Cross
  • NEW Re Made In America Clips
  • NEW Weekly Photo
  • NEW Vote for GTGB on VH1 Top 20
  • NEW MTV’s O Music Awards
  • NEW Events & Appearances

Message From The Band

This week we are winding ever closer to the release of ANTHEM in the US and Canada -Less than two weeks away June 18th!!!! – and things are starting to really get exciting. Firstly, we are really excited for another livestream tonight, and we have a lot of stuff to share. Today we have A LOT of things to share which we are going to talk more about in tonight’s livestream.

One thing that we are really excited to announce is that we will be performing on Good Morning America live in New York, on June 17th, the day before the album release. So all you NY fans, should plan to get up early and come down to Times Square. Another thing that is exciting is that the special ANTHEM release concert at Irving Plaza, is going to be broadcast Live on AXS TV on June 18th, which is an awesome cable network that features live concerts. So, everybody that is coming to the show, put on your best and be ready to make some noise.

Join us for tonight’s public livestream for more cool stuff like news of international release plans, along with special clips from the Deconstructed ANTHEM DVD and the Re Made In America documentary, along with clips of the special songs that everyone who is pre-ordering the album get’s this week. Lastly, starting today, each Friday we are going to be sharing a special weekly picture that highlights something that’s gone on during the week, or something that we want to look back on from the amazing 21 years of our band. Whew. Lots to share, join us tonight at 8pm Central Time for the live stream! It’s all going down on

See you all soon –

Isaac, Taylor and Zac



Join HANSON at 8:00PM CT Friday, June 7th for an stream. HANSON will premiere clips from Re Made In America, De Constructed ANTHEM, take your questions about beer, music and more… Submit questions through twitter with the hashtag #ANTHEM or through by sending a PM to Zachanson.

LiveStream Album Listening Party

For FAN CLUB MEMBERS Only: On June 14th, preceding the public livestream, HANSON will host an ANTHEM Album Listening Party beginning at 5pm CT. Members will need to go to the Backstage Pass area for this special Members Only Stream.

Anthem World Tour: New Date Announced

HANSON has added an additional date to the ANTHEM World Tour:
Nov 19th – Sayreville, NJ

The North & South American leg of the ANTHEM WORLD TOUR begins July 18th in Buenos Aires, Argentina and ends November 20th in Charlotte, NC.

Tickets On Sale NOW! Check out the full list of tour dates HERE.

Anthem Pre-Orders Get Free Downloads

Starting today we will be giving everyone who preordered either the ANTHEM Deluxe, Silver, Gold or Platinum package through new music early. EveryFriday starting today we will make a new song available for download until the release of ANTHEM on June 18th. Anyone who has already pre-ordered one of the ANTHEM packages, or who purchases them going forward is eligible to receive music.

ANTHEM Packages Pre-Sale is happening now!

Mmmhops Merchandise to Support Red Cross

Hanson is raising a toast to its 21st anniversary by launching its own beer, Mmmhops. The band partnered with craft beer company Mustang Brewing to create the drink, which will make its debut this fall when the brothers go out on tour. The band moved up the release plans in response to the devastating tornadoes in the brothers’ home state last week. On Monday’s Good Morning America, they announced that several Mmmhops-related merchandise items are now available for sale, with all proceeds being donated to the Red Cross to aid in the disaster relief efforts.

Re Made In America Clips

In May of this year members were treated to the world premiere of Re Made In America at the 2013 HANSON Day Mambers Only Event.

For the first time today, not only members are getting a look at the much anticipated documentary about the making of HANSON’s sixth studio album, ANTHEM. Re Made in America is available for purchase as a part of the ANTHEM Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages.

Watch clips from Re Made In America now!

Weekly Photo

Starting today, each Friday we are going to be sharing a special weekly picture that highlights something that’s gone on during the week, or something that we want to look back on from the amazing 21 years of our band.

Vote for GTGB on VH1 Top 20

Vote for Get The Girl Back on vh1’s Top 20 Countdown using facebook and twitter! To vote, Click Here

MTV’s O Music Awards

HANSON is excited to be performing at MTV’s O Music Awards!
You can be part of a LIVE studio audience for HANSON on MTV’s O Music Awards. Want info on how to get FREE TICKETS?
Email –
Include name, Age (18&up), Photo, and who you want to see take home an award!
For more information, click here.

Events & Appearances

Be sure to check out all of HANSON’s upcoming events & appearances!

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