Hanson on the verge of MmmHops?

By | May 28, 2013

Chicago Sun Times

If the Hanson’s hit song “MmmBop” is still hanging around your playlist, get ready to hear it a whole lot more if some marketing guru somewhere has his or her way. That’s because the ’90s popster trio are reportedly creating their very own beer brand, titled, yup… MmmHops pale ale, and what better tune to promote the beverage than the song that inspired it?

Well, the beer’s not actually available yet, but according to www.eonline.com the brothers have ventured into the beer world through the Oklahoma-based Mustang Brewing Company. An early version of the beer made the rounds (for promotional purposes only) at a recent afterparty for the film “Hangover Part III.” The craft beer’s secret formula is still being fine-tuned, so fans of Taylor, Zach and Isaac will have to wait mmmlittlewhilelonger to purchase the suds.

Hanson headlines Chicago’s House of Blues on Oct. 13. Tickets are available at www.houseofblues.com.

Maybe the MMMHops will debut right here in Chicago. Hey if the Three Stooges can have their own beer…