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By | May 12, 2013

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Hanson singer Taylor Hanson

Hanson singer Taylor Hanson

Hanson think it is “cool” they still have the same fans as they did 15 years ago, especially because their followers also bring along the “next generation” to their gigs.

Hanson think it is “cool” they still have the same fans as they did 15 years ago.

The ‘MmmBop’ hitmakers – formed of brothers Taylor, Zac and Isaac Hanson – love the fact they see the same faces at shows as they did 15 years ago, and are particularly happy that they are often accompanied by the “next generation” of followers.

Drummer Zac said: “The core fan base has always been our peers. So when I was 12, there was a lot of 12 year olds. And now I’m 27, and there are lot of 27 year olds.

“I think the coolest thing about our fan base is seeing these people who have continued to vibe with our music and make it a part of who they are, and how they go through the world.

“Also, there’s this handing down of next generation Hanson fans, that’s a wild experience for me. The fans at 27 will walk up to you after the concert like, ‘Hey, I love you guys. I’ve been to 30 concerts. And this is my little brother/concern/nephew/whatever it is.’ Seeing that happen is a really cool thing.”

Despite performing together for so long, Zac believes being in a band has gotten harder as they all have so many more responsibilities.

He explained to Just Jared Jr.: “It’s not easy. I think if anything, getting older probably does make it harder because you have that many more quirks, you’re that much more stubborn, you have that many more responsibilities – kids, mortgages, you know? Things like that.

“We have a deep history obviously, 21 years as a band, so musically, that does probably get easier. We know each other so well and when you’re playing a live concert and something’s happening, something’s going wrong, it’s less frightening. You just sort of figure it out.”

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