Taylor Hanson Talks "MMMBop" History, His No. 1 Tour Bus Necessity (Interview)

By | April 24, 2013


It’s hard to write or even interview a member from Hanson without thinking of the still very catchy tune “MMMBop” that was released back on April 17 1997. So—because of the difficulty—it was included in part of the chat I recently had with Taylor Hanson, which just so happened to take place one day before the 16th anniversary of when the titled album was first released. During our chat, the 30-year-old gave me a behind-the-scenes look on what he always needs while out on tour, his favorite songs the group has created, and what he and his brothers Zac and Isaac like to do when they aren’t in the studio or on the road.

Hanson heads out on a world tour for their latest Anthem album in June.


You are headed on tour soon! How’s it been managing all of your schedules? It’s great! We are just getting off the ground with a new album. The new single just came out and on we go. It’s like a military operation! [Laughs]

You’ve been in the music industry for over 20 years. What’s the No. 1 favorite item you need on your tour bus? I’m kind of a coffee obsessed person. So like getting the right coffee in each city. I will venture out. I’m a big foodie too and try to check out the different foods in each town. So good coffee—anything that’s strong flavor in the food department. I like fine cheese too.

You and your brothers are clearly known for “MMMBop.” Do you ever get tired getting asked about it? It’s the starting point. I think you always want to move forward. You always—you always want to be excited about what you’re doing. If it was ever painted as a negative it would be like, ‘Yeah, that’s not cool.’ But people are talking about it as something they love and it’s a history we’re proud of.

Do you have a favorite song? Oh God, it’s hard to pick. I mean the last record the two last singles—”Give A Little” and “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin'”—those songs I think really resonated with us as a band. Connected it with out roots and the new single “Get the Girl Back.” You know, anything that is brand new you’re excited to share it.

Is there a certain writing process you guys go by? It depends. I mean all of us write music and lyrics so we get to combine. It keeps it interesting, so no, there’s not just one process. I wish there was! It would make it so much easier. [Laughs]

What would be your second career choice? I don’t know! I love to take pictures. I love to paint. I love movies and I love to write, so something creative.

Everyone is so used to you guys playing on stage. Is there a specific hobby you all like to do together? We all—I mean I’m a fan of anything that involves adrenaline. So we just went up for my 30th birthday and we all just did dune buggies in the desert, which was just crazy and risky. But that’s part of the fun! We aren’t really too good at sports [laughs], but we try to get outside and play sports in between to keep things moving. And also, huge movie fans! We are always gathering around watching movies.

What’s your favorite film? Of all-time? Oh God. Somewhere in between The Godfather and The Goonies.

[Laughs] It’s all in the G’s.

Hanson’s world tour begins in New York City on June 17. For tickets go here.


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