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By | April 19, 2013

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So. We’ve played that and then people Tekzilla tells whether they like it or not us we don’t have me we really don’t have any — out. I don’t know about I Clinton — to to be honest here. Socket Asean’s very mathematical equation that is more guitar to it than. And none — then I would’ve thought. You know so like yeah I mean — — about our bands like we’re Motown influenced but you know silent that is really just a blues — with the big — under and that really just is how it flows in my — — — — — — — people think again — — — — the the last I got his please stop this now. And it says not going to lie growing up — bought ransom was really bad but after hearing these guys on your show and hearing news views they’re new music. They seem pretty great. Thanks so they’d be able to — your nice guys somebody else I think this is legitimate cool cooling to say they said it sounds like it should be on the mix 93 point three which is a continuation — a tough court decisions — I had it. Maybe you guys shouldn’t play but it’s a — over there and it would probably sound great over there — so called. Let’s see this is good a nice change of pace like I like you but you know used to pride in his — in the — — — — I’m not known for being. Real friendly. Tiger had actually yet now he generally — I — it — a radio station is because you’re angry right yes I was gonna say and particularly in rock — — No I didn’t not want to come into this thing you know we’re very — we didn’t make — we can — country look — helps Chuck — level luckily my words and — you know phrases have been — starting with certain sense that record came — I think everything this stupid is that right well I don’t know a lot of people said that this is what I got from a lot of it a lot of people sort of sounds like Van — When they had Sammy Hagar and — — towns like man radar data had not like the new Hanson who own sort of says while this is not a buzz song. Please don’t play the — How hot hot hot hot oh my god I’m hot for Hanson who knows there’s somebody said I don’t like this but it’s very hard to say to their face — even — Now I don’t weird okay well it looks like people like dead and they know they know what it is — insurance and — engine what is and isn’t. Some under section is at love that I love and says — and send the I wanna do naughty things when Taylor nice loud here without it getting the vision — — that’s hard to say is things turn around and was it like it is — love you guys and then people are saying so this is perfect for the classic rock station — Sammy Hagar van. Many onward anyway Bennett probably we’re gonna play your music man — — you tell the story about — it which one of these — you had a crush on and — I’m — Taylor when I was. Fourteen for like five ministries and — first — on the video live you know I thought you were on. And — get you to look me in the ninth. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — That it cannot that’s excited me but at that — deeply into the handling I think — — were like you’re like up. A — well it was 1987 so you know when the truth is that has that is. I’ve heard a story. Me more than times and I’m sure he used to like to necessary could also roller blades in the pony tail and I don’t know I was — — that chick looks like she’s looking good China bit depressing. A lot faster. Our — yeah. Do you ever question afterward to him like amateurs and — cared so much with him and — — like I’m excited about that. You saved — a habit — — I saw a Boy George and American Bandstand and I looked at training board all the time Tuesday those very confusing to a young — — boy all right but it came out I was like. It’s really sexist comments come Ron yeah yeah I know something that is very open to all those things it’s you blame yourself would you blame Boy George wouldn’t. Why don’t think there’s any wrong with a like I’m happy that it happened I just you said you were confused as I am confused I’m confused my sexuality. Because of Boy George yes well no lobby doesn’t Dick Clark yes and Clark did not dispute — you and I didn’t go to dolphins — — when 300. Now the music and through the search articles out there. I laid out last night to — — I don’t concede at all and center. Listening to we’re all very nice bands that many of the members —Hanson are confused about the sexuality and I would ask you guys a question we’ll listen to more music enhances and studio. You guys have been touring for I mean big time tour now for sixteen years for a certain young man who — you become friends with DG — I know you guys when your kids — — your big Aerosmith fans he had to meet Aerosmith where they Dexter I’ve become friends with anyone in your idols I mean we. You text anyone you tell Stephen Tyler. — we do know a lot of of people that we I realize I — I mean we haven’t I think the people that — — top top top I wouldn’t say we’re buddies with. But and we’ve gotten to meet probably the biggest craziest moment for me was standing on my with Paul McCartney singing stand by meanwhile south. Clearly city we get an event for the — hall of fame and we. We’re on the stage and and and you all this and you. You kind of going to think about it is always an incredible people on stage and then I realize that the person holding the microphone is bomb occurred at Cleveland this impending I literally could. We’ve got a digital yeah we’ve got to meet the revenue there even if you hit the Palin doesn’t know I’m not a party to gradually I he cannot be Catholic and still think that’s the Pope Ron Paul McCartney had a wonderful great ways but I had them Anna he’s he’s brought them — — religious — — you know you’re really amazing night and he’s — in the famous — — — — — — to — We deny it to the NASDAQ tonight. Honestly — she would have weep for what we have opportunities — in a couple of times and because of — I — going on with him when we were relatively — not not the very beginning really — literally a — kids away from — freaked out that we’ve — we’ve — this — right — but we got to — due to it and we knew what was my option or was Michael sending — — I can’t. 11 of the coolest things ever was when I got Saturday night one of the — they do this afterwards he came out that he wrote it for us which — — for what they — what there is a song that was not released that apparently and again this is — dozen names here which is apparently was intended for us to think. And there was no it was intended for — seeing you guys have a song. I clearly you have it’s always it’s called it’s called. Acts in this country is exactly the but it’s called I like the way you’re loving me. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — I mean the list is long I mean I’m glad I got a minute Obama earlier we’ve got to stand no I mean there’s a lot of people having — mindedly says it probably from the dead right couple times. May leave you laughing gas. No the — — have a limit everything he had — do when you don’t play well we’re very hot to handle I think it — is — who’s giving him just in the hands in the — everywhere. It’s kind of scare think thing. — feel like protective or was it like — know you guys really get hi Bob where I mean it high is not really I mean you know it’s just a it’s it’s more like giving to me like a brownie you’re right at the piece of pizza or some business friendly get some — in — right pot is not it like this. — a negative thing and I ask somebody especially with I just can’t eat. Yeah when a guy from The Grateful — gives you a lot. We’re now — — — until it is more I smiled as Jerry and that’s exactly what’s gonna happen and we got that will has wavy gravy he still hasn’t come back. — solid as a true sir before I hit says that we’re going to be — I was loses the most music you guys — totally — whether you like it or not and and attacks on tells Leo I don’t know what are we got the new debt from people upset about that — the new Daft — get lucky yes OK Byron. You practice totally like that I — advisors — and a — It’s also going to.