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Anthem packages are available on

The track list is:

Fired Up
Ive Got Soul
You Can’t Stop Us Now
Get The Girl Back
Already Home
For Your Love
Lost Without You
Cut Right Through Me
Scream and Be Free
Tragic Symphony
Encore – Save Me From Myself

These products are pre-orders and will begin shipping by June 18th.



Deluxe CD/DVD $25

The ANTHEM Deluxe CD/DVD combo includes both the ANTHEM album and the live DVD ANTHEM De:Constructed which features live performances by Hanson of songs from ANTHEM.


Silver Package $50

Package  Includes:

Anthem CD, De:Constructed ANTHEM, Re: Made in America The Making of ANTHEM


Gold Package $300

Package Includes:
ANTHEM CD, ANTHEM De:Constructed DVD, Custom Black HANSON headphones, Sing It If You Know It, Images of ANTHEM Photo Book. Re-made in America – ANTHEM Documentary, Demo CD and Album Journal, Limited Edition Poster, Gold Owners Manual


Platinum Package $800

Package Includes:
Custom Painting, Anthem CD, Anthem De:Constructed DVD, Custom white Hanson Headphones, Sing It If You Know It Images of ANTHEM Photo Book, Re-Made in America – ANTHEM Documentary, Demo CD and Album Journal, 3 Anthem Icon Charms, Limited Edition Poster, Platinum Owners Manual, ANTHEM Vinyl Record


ANTHEM De: Constructed DVD A DVD of seven songs from HANSON’s new album ANTHEM performed live at 3CG Records Studios.
Custom Headphone You can’t listen to this music with just any headphone, so we created these limited run custom headphones.  Urbanears Custom headphones with HANSON written on the headband and the X6 logo on the ears. The chord is a tangle resistant fabric cord. The headphone also includes a plug in socket so your friends can enjoy what you are listening to by plugging into your headphone with their headphone.
Sing It If You Know It, Images of ANTHEM Photo Book This 60 page full color photo book takes you into the ANTHEM photoshoot where the spirit and theme of the ANTHEM album was born.

Re-Made In America – ANTHEM Documentary This 90 minute documentary takes you into the process of HANSON recording the X6 album.  Hear directly from Isaac, Taylor and Zac what made this album what it is and watch them build the album from the first word written to the last chord recorded.

Demo CD and Album Journal  Hear five demos from the writing sessions of X6. These recordings capture songs in their most raw form and allow you to see more of how the songs progressed from an idea to a complete album song. The Album journal takes you through the daily process of making the album with notes from the HANSON written during the album process.

Three ANTHEM Charms Receive three ANTHEM charms created specifically for the ANTHEM album.  Each charm is made of silver and comes in a charm box with a jump ring to attach to your choice of necklace chain, charm ring or bracelet. (Necklace chain, ring and bracelet not included) 

Limited Edition Poster A 12″ x 39″ poster with a design pulling from the art of the ANTHEM album. Each poster is numbered and signed by Isaac, Taylor and Zac.

Owners Manual  We want you to have the best experience when listening to ANTHEM, this manual will show you how.


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