Hanson Host 90s on 9 Countdown: 1997

By | March 2, 2013

This weekend Hanson hosted Sirius XM’s 90s on 9 countdown of songs from 1997! ┬áHere are some highlights –

They counted down the Top 30 songs from 1997

-Single next month (April)
-Album 6 in the summer
-Zac asked if they’d be on the countdown, Isaac said they’d probably be closer to the top
-They talked a bit about other happenings in 1997, such as the release of the first Harry Potter book
-Isaac said in an mmmbop they might find out if they were on the countdown
-Isaac did some King of the Hill impressions when they mentioned that show was new in 1997
-Taylor teased they only left the studio to catch us up on the songs of 1997
-They mentioned that the sample on No Diggity is actually Bill Withers
-Isaac has a sports moment and talks about Tiger Woods
-They talk a bit about Playstation – which came out in 1997 as well as Nintendo 64 and games they liked to play
-They did not make the countdown because MMMBop was not out yet this week in 1997, but they played it anyway
-#1 was Spice Girls – Wannabe

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